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Commercial and Domestic Solar Applications

Commercial and Domestic Solar

Multiple Dwellings - Apartment blocks
The most practical installation method in apartment blocks is when solar heating panels pre-heat one or two central calorifiers which then feed all the apartments. The alternative option of each apartment having its own cylinder (with flow and return pipe work going to the solar panels) can prove to be impractical.

Multiple Dwellings - Houses
When the project involves houses with their own roofs then the most practical solution is to have each property with its own cylinder with the corresponding number of solar heating panels. The size of the cylinder will depend on its type (vented or unvented) and the occupancy of the property. The number of commercial solar heating panels depends on the capacity of the hot water cylinder, orientation of the roof and length of the solar pipe run.

Swimming Pools
The high running costs of large swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor) can be vastly reduced by using commercial solar panels. Typically unglazed collectors are used for outdoor pools which only tend to be used in the summer months and the more efficient vacuum solar panels are used for indoor pools which need to be heated year round.

The commercial solar heating system is sized to compensate for the heat loss of the pool. The heat loss is directly related to the surface area of the pool and whether it is covered or not. Typically the solar heating panels need to be 30%-50% of the pool surface area.

General commercial solar projects
For most commercial solar heating projects (eg offices, factories, schools, hotels etc) solar heating can be used effectively to contribute towards the hot water product of the facility saving money and reducing emissions. The number of panels required depends on size of calorifier, length of pipe run and the orientation of the solar panels.

Solar Panels is one of the highest performing panels on the markets yet the reason that it's specified for so many commercial solar heating projects is due to robustness and reliability and the strength of the manufacturing company.

Robustness and reliability
Due to the borosilicate glass construction and the lack of metal to glass seals the solar collector can withstand a stagnation temperature of up to 295°C. This is particularly important in commercial solar heating projects where often the panels are installed in large array and any problem (such as a power cut) can cause a rapid increase in temperature in the system.



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